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Hello everyone

I'm proud to let you all know I've developed my own travel website. If you enjoy reading about other cultures and the women, men and children who live in them; then this blog could be for you. Lockdown and (happily) being made redundant, has given me the opportunity to write, and explore techniques for bring my stories alive. So, although you may have already seen my blogs on Travellerspoint, I have added and adapted them, so there will be differences.

So please have a look and if you like, you can subscribe and I'll send you any new blogs. I'm hoping to post one new blog a week, so why not be one of the first to see it.

If by any chance the link above doesn't work, just put it into your browser. Although it's aimed at, lone travel for women, men are welcome to take a look too. Some younger guys I know, have also been a bit hesitant to travel solo. So if thats you, you too may benefit from some of the travel tips provided to help you take that first step. In fact, even if you travel with friends or partners, the blogs will give you a flavour of different cities around the work - and you may decide to visit. I know I've been inspired by some of your blogs and Nambia, New Zealand, Belgium.........

The blog isn't all 'gloom and doom' however - there's my dry sent of human and plenty of short, sharp observations.

Thanks again, Keep on writing, I love reading everyone's stories - when I get the chance these days!


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